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Search Engine Optimisation and Support

Search Engine Optimisation Service - Through the years of developing websites for clients we have become attuned to the specific requirements needed by Google and other search engines in terms of search engine optimisation. Most of our clients have been placed in the top 5 with most ranking #1.

With Google processing over 3 billion searches per day, the opportunity to win more business and build your brand is literally at your fingertips. Getting started with SEO is simple. The first step is to conduct an SEO technical audit to check if your website is SEO-compliant. Then you need to prioritise the actions and ensure that you address as many of the factors as you can. This will help improve your chances of being found online, both by search engines, and your potential customers. You can do some of the work yourself, but you might need some help. Total Technology Online will work with you to develop a search engine optimisation plan that fits with your budget.

There are a number of actions that can lead to a Google Penalty resulting in lost website traffic and revenues. Backlinks, Internal 404s, Keyword stuffing, Hidden links, Broken links and Site speed all contribute to problems with your website not being at the top where it should be.

Get in contact today and we can talk about how to move your website to the top of the page!

SEO Total Technology Online

Technical SEO Audit

We take a look under the bonnet of your website to identify issues that might be blocking your opportunity to rank effectively online. These issues could range from broken links to low quality content.

Keyword Research & Analysis

We look at terms and phrases that your prospective customers are searching for online. This helps us understand where there are opportunities for you to beat your competitors. Based on your business objectives, we’ll devise a plan.

SEO Strategy & Implementation

To develop an SEO strategy that is right for your business, we compare your brand to online competitors. We look at on-page elements, user engagement and off-site signals such as social discussions.